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  • Best value outside catering services to organisations, events, functions and private parties far and wide.
  • Award winning fine diner Restaurant and venue for functions and events.


Opportunities at Exceline






A meal experience to remember. . .
A premier African Cuisine Caterer and Restaurants.
Hello and welcome:
Catering and Event Management, that had grown as a passion of Mrs. Margaret Okwalinga, attracted the custom of the communities in London, and spread to both organisations as well as private engagements.
The positive feedback on her creativity of the dishes and the excellent service, has exemplified Exceline as pioneers in the provision of traditionally prepared African cuisine, professionally presented to a wider market beyond just African clients.
This has led to the establishment of her first restaurant in 2003, the Exceline  authentic African restaurant specialising in East African Cuisine. 
 East African Cuisine is characterised by rich flavours, yet light in spicing, fusing a unique taste comfortable on the palate for all to enjoy

Exceline continues to grow in popularity and services commendations in the awards received, thanks to your support her clientele, and provides the following exceptional services:
  • The special value lunch offer during the week, targeting the workers, residents and businesses in the local area.
  • The variety family buffet  Sundays. 
  • Best value outside catering services to organisations, events, functions and private parties far and wide
  • Pioneers in the establishment of the African Caterers & Restaurateurs Association for the promotion of professional African cuisine.
Margaret is supported by her  family

Exceline is  an excellent award winning fine diner Restaurant and venue for above functions and events for up to 50 covers per event.

So come and discover the wealth of flavours, tastes and diversity of a company with a difference through our delicious food and exciting entertainment. Come, let us take you to far away shores where smiles are a plenty and satisfaction guaranteed, and already the most commended in the city.
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